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  1. Go to, click the ‘Student Login’ button and enter the project name, “My Posters”.
  2. Go to and create a poster.

Click the ‘Save Draft’ button to save your poster.

imagesUse the website (link above) to combine the following criteria:

Theme ideas from movie

Outside source quote and/or quote from  “Dive for Dreams”.

Movie quote


Sensory poem part II


imagesSensory  Poem Extra Elements

Use at least three of the following:

  •  -rearrange the lines in a creative pattern
  •  -add sound devices such as alliteration or rhyme
  •  -add extra lines related to each of the senses
  •  -use more than three examples of each sense
  •  -expand your emotion or opinion statements

-develop a unique title

-enhance vocabulary

Cinquain rules


Line 1 ~ one word, noun, topic/subject

2 ~ two adjectives about subject

3 ~ three verbs about subject

4 ~ four word statement about subject

5 ~ one synonym for subject


(Regular/ Free form)


cute, cuddly

meows, purrs, plays

 ball of soft fur



Honours Synthesis


Choose two of the three “Experience” poems from pages 41, 42 of the text.

Compose a three paragraph synthesis on the following topic:

Explain how the concept of ‘perspective’ is used in expressing the theme of each poem.

Newspaper Mash Up


Newspaper Mash Up Assignment
Task: Create the front page of a fictional newspaper that
combines the worlds of Catching Fire and Unwind.
Criteria: include the following elements on your page
● newspaper name
● major headline and story from one novel
● minor headline and story from other novel
● typical front page details
● at least one advertisement
● at least one photograph
Writing (journalistic style, ideas, detail) /12 x2
Design (authentic detail, realistic, quality) /6
Editing /3


Jotter assignments


#8 View lyrics for “Live While We’re Young” by One Direction. How do they relate to the play?

#9 Is the play about love or hate? Why?

Composition Sample-Honours 10


Young Man’s Folly”

Explain the symbolism of the quilt in the story “Young Man’s Folly”.

A sentimental object is one that has value, not in monetary worth, but in memories. “Young Man’s Folly” by Michalicka, is a short story which employs the device of symbolism to express ideas of a nostalgic nature. A quilt which is lovingly stitched by the narrator’s mother is an object which reveals significant meaning for the young boy, and for readers in terms of human nature. This symbolism is developed in the process of the narrator coming to terms with his parents’ divorce.

The narrator is left with an empty feeling when his father decides to “find himself” and leave his marriage and son behind. To counter the sorrow he feels in his father’s absence, the boy wears his father’s suit jackets to remind himself of his father’s “smell” and to feel as if he is being held in “his [father’s] arms” again. This is symbolic of the attention and security he no longer feels since his father’s estrangement.

The young man “blam[es]” his mother when he discovers that his father’s closet has been “cleared out” of the “masculine colour[ed]” shirts. What he does not realize, is that his mother is using the fabric from the shirts for a “quilting project” made by “her hands” in a “traditional” and subsequently, symbolic design.

In his “folly”, the boy has not understood that his father will remain absent from his life. His mother designs the quilt from “the finely woven cottons” of her husband’s dress shirts so that he will “always [feel] surrounded by love” when he uses the quilt. The quilt represents the love of his father and mother in one object. The “months of work” his mother devotes to the blanket shows her love and understanding of her son. His quilt will be a sentimental reminder of his family as it once was. A sentimental object is one that has value, not in monetary worth, but in memories.

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